Core Values

The principles that drive, challenge, and inspire Maryland HomeBuyers Network

Our core values are a living, breathing part of our internal culture, and empower every decision and action:

1. Enrich Lives: According to Google Dictionary, Enrich is a verb which means 1. ‘To improve or enhance the quality or value of’ and 2. ‘Make someone wealthy or wealthier’. We aim to accomplish both and align our thoughts, feelings and actions towards these goals. We are here to help people. It’s as simple as that.

2. Think Big: We live in a reality where every idea is possible and that prosperity is abundant and plentiful for all. With a full-time ‘We Got This!’ mentality, and a hunger to facilitate lasting transformation, we choose to challenge ourselves and contribute to our community every day.

3. Make it Happen: When it comes down to it, Real Estate can get messy especially when there are many plates spinning all at once. Our philosophy is “All Hands On Deck’. We work together leveraging our time to make sure we complete tasks early, stay available to our clients, and communicate clearly in order to ensure success is the result.

4. Pay It Forward: We recognize that our dreams are made real because of the people and community who partake in our services. Without ‘You’ there would be no ‘Us’. Paying It Forward is how we give back. As a token of gratitude, we give to the community our SevaLife™ and Change The World™ Programs because we can, we like it, and it’s fun.


We Look Forward to Helping You.

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