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Along time ago in a Real Estate office far far away (down the block), a father and two sons read a quote by a Japanese poet that said ‘Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.’ Inspired by both simplicity and cliché, they hopped into their think tank (board room) and as one idea sparked another, out of the ashes a family business was born.
With a ton of teamwork, a marketing strategy, and some creative problem solving, they were able to gain their footing. As the company began to grow and grow, their wives and daughter joined in and brought with them consistent focus, persistence, and follow through developing the strongest ‘ocean’ known to man. We call it Family, and this family is dedicated to serving your family and fanatical about Enriching Your Life Though Real Estate.


Dave Willman


With 28 years of experience in the Real Estate industry and over 1500 hundred transactions under his belt, Dave has helped a ton of people buy and sell their home and has had many opportunities to deal with a multitude of challenging scenarios which makes resourcefulness one of his strongest qualities. Throughout his career, he became the #1 agent in the Mid-Atlantic region for a period of three years in a row, has won several awards through the ReMax 100% Club, and has even owned two successful Real Estate brokerages. Blessed with the virtue of patience and a natural ability to listen, solve problems and find doable pathways, it excites him to creatively find the most effective solutions for both buyers and sellers alike. In short, he is dedicated to building your wealth, trust, and comfort all at the same time.



Mike Vakas


Fiercely dedicated to Community Enrichment while providing customized wealth building opportunities through the Real Estate investing platform. Having passionately focused on personal development, relationship building, and marketing for the past 7 years, he aims to build a thriving community and trusted business cultivated from immediate action, clear communication, and steadfast dependability.




Will Willman

Systems Architect

Combining his extensive knowledge of the real estate industry (over 10 years!) and his love for technology, he endeavors to bring automation and transparency into Real Estate transactions, both for customers and company assets.

Ziggy Vakas

Administrative Unicorn & Interior Design Aficionado

With 14 years of experience as a Pediatric Occupational Therapist, she brings us expertise on the creative process. She has been a helping hand in our company development since its inception and has played an integral role in taking care of the little things. When shes not fixing sentence structure or typos, doing errand runs, or helping little ones, she does a bit of consulting in our staging department. She not only has a knack for simplicity and a strong intuition for what people value and appreciate, she genuinely enjoys the process and making people happy.

Zoe OBrien

Creative Marketing Enthusiast

Gifted in the realm of the arts, she is able to easily and practically apply her knowledge of color, position, style and aesthetics to help create and design beautiful and engaging marketing pieces. In addition to her company responsibilities, she spends her time being a daughter to Mike and Ziggy. In her spare time, she loves to swim for hours, go to the beach, and of course spend time cuddling with her Alaskan Malamute puppy.

Who Are We?

Our team has blossomed from humble beginnings, with roots stemming from strong drive and determination to grow. Our playful curiosity, ‘Go Get ‘Em’ attitude, and adventurous nature makes for some interesting stories and cultural DNA. In the early days, our team spent time volunteering in Africa to build sustainable housing: Earthships, traveling through the rainforests of Central America, and even developing a community in West Virginia. Nowadays, we stay close to home supporting local businesses, giving clothing to those in need, and aiding our community.


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